The idea

Our mission can be found above. This thought is the spark that generated an idea. Although surprising, this idea led to a concrete university project: the PSEUS project (Pogo-stick extreme of the University of Sherbrooke)

Project goal : Beat the Guinness record for the highest jump on a pogo stick around the end of spring 2008.

With this objective in mind, we created the Altitude Group, a multidiscipline team composed of 5 students from the Sherbrooke University in different field such as communication and engineering.

Today, with all of our complementary knowledge, we have built a powerful device which allow us to archive the initial idea: a higher leap of around 8 ft of the ground.

The team
The machine
The support
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The contacts

The Altitude Group is a technical group dedicated to the PSEUS project (Pogo-stick Extreme of the University of Sherbrooke).
This university project is meant to beat the official world record for the highest jump on a pogo-stick. .