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Welcome to VélUS


The mission of the VélUS group is to be recognized by researchers, biking enthusiasts and manufacturers as an exceptional partner in knowledge development and technology transfer.

Values and beliefs

The members of the VélUS research group believe

· in the importance of team work;
· that intellectual honesty and transparency are essential ingredients to fulfilling human
· that it is very important to take pleasure in accomplishments;
· that the BICYCLE is one of the smartest inventions of humankind.


· Develop knowledge and high-level expertise;
· Quantify cycling phenomena and perceptions;
· Demystify certain cycling-related beliefs;
· Foster technology transfers to manufacturers and retailers;
· Promote the use of bikes because they are healthy and environmentally friendly.

Fields of expertise

· On-board metrology and experimentation;
· Dynamic behaviour of structures and vibrations;
· Mechanical design, mechanics of materials and finite element analysis;
· Structural optimization.

Research topics

· Design of on-board transducers for real-time and in-situ measurement of force, position, etc.;
· Study of dynamic comfort and development of new metrics;
· Development of road simulation test benches;
· Development of training tools for cyclists.

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